Our team of experts has been involved with a wide range of local, state and federal permits and can help mitigate liability by executing environmental risk management plans that consider environmental insurance, indemnification, and compliance auditing. ANE understands the broad framework of environmental regulations imposed by governing agencies and we always stay current on the latest requirements, policy trends and legal mandates.

Formal Permitting Agent Application Preparation, Negotiations, and Submittal:
  • Historical Review of Past Permit History
  • Regulatory Permitting Services
  • Permit Site Inspection
  • Pre-Application Meetings
  • Permitting Applications and Representation
  • Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP)
  • Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • Federal Land Specific Use Permits
  • Buffer Evaluations and Permitting
  • Variance and Land Disturbance Permits
  • Protected Species Permitting
  • Vegetation & Tree Cut Permit
  • Dredge and Fill Permitting (USACE)
  • Shoreline Protection Permitting
  • USACE Nationwide and Regional General Permits
  • Coastal Areas of Environmental Concern (AEC)
  • Evaluations Delineations and Permitting
  • Submerged Land Lease Coordination and Authorization
  • Environmental Post Permit Compliance Monitoring
Some of the Agencies we work with:
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)
  • Water Management Districts (WMD)
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • NOAA National Marine Fisheries
  • County and City Offices