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ANE has successfully pioneered alternatives to design and construction objectives in order to address a wide range of permitting challenges and incentivize economic growth. ANE has a proven track record of providing immediate and long-term results that lead to both conservation and capital appreciation by assembling and managing project specific core competencies. Our time-tested team of architects, designers, surveyors, engineers and biologists have the innate ability of providing site-specific information typically required by agencies. We have the knowledge and capability to expedite the permitting process and manage the project to fruition


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Adams and Nichols Ecological Consultants, Inc. (ANE) is a full service environmental consulting and management firm based in Central Florida. We are a recognized leader in providing innovative environmental consulting and permitting value to individuals, firms, developers, and federal and state agencies to address environmental issues and regulations set by local, state and federal governments. Economic growth and new development will naturally have impacts on the environment. At ANE, we work closely with our clients to bridge the gap between regulatory compliance and development. This creates a balance between progression and its effect on the environment that delivers project and economic sustainability. We are one of the only firms able to provide clients with logistics methodologies and a thorough understanding of the requirements in any environmental situation. ANE has worked throughout most North American ecosystems which encompasses many geographic regions both nationally and internationally. Our broad experience and ingenuity has propelled the company to the forefront of environmental consulting with an acknowledged reputation for proficiency.


Jason Adams, M.Sc.

Jason Adams, M.Sc.


With his enhanced understanding of ecological principles and applicability within the regulatory framework, Mr. Adams helps clients to address a wide variety of needs that ultimately enables the achievement of their goals. His project work includes analysis of complex elements for purposes of land development, securing permits for construction of structures such as seawalls, docks and lifts, new commercial entities and residential developments.

Brent Nichols, Ph.D.

Brent Nichols, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Nichols’ scientific expertise is in terrestrial and marine ecology, particularly invertebrate systematics and seagrass ecology. He is an AAUS certified research diver, PADI Cavern diver, and NAUI rescue diver. He has published research in five major scientific journals and has logged over 800 hours underwater. Dr. Nichols currently serves as the principal scientist for ANE and focuses his efforts on ESA consultations and environmental permitting.

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